[release] MARCUS RUBIO - um

MARCUS RUBIO's um is our first digital release and it's available for free or 'pay-what-you-like' on our bandcamp page.

MARCUS RUBIO is a composer that works in a variety of mediums and genres ranging from pop songs to long form drone works for ensembles of portable fans. His music has been released on Already Dead Tapes, Copy For Your Records, Prairie Fire Tapes, Yawn Tapes, Kendra Steiner Editions, and Test Tube. As a live performer, he's collaborated/performed with Faust, Michael Pisaro, Bill Baird, and Cartographers amongst many others. Rubio is also an active music journalists as a staff writer for Tiny Mix Tapes.

"Lot of my work concerns the specificity of particular instruments/sounds and with um I wanted to create a set of pieces that explore what happens when a particular tone or field recording is processed and distorted into oblivion. I am equally fascinated by what remains of a given signal or sample after it's been severely warped and the different types of "noise" these sounds create as a result. In a way, the processing on these works destroys the specificity of the original sounds but creates a new specificity in the types of noise produced in the process."

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just outside

artwork by marie vandooren.
release date : april 2014

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